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Waste transportation and disposal services provided by Al Raneem Company, the best company in Amman:

Do not worry, dear reader, and contact our company that specializes in collecting household waste and garbage and then transporting it to its collection places at home, in order to dispose of it in a healthy and safe manner.

Al-Raneem Company owns the latest technologies and necessary equipment to remove garbage and dispose of it in a safe and secure manner.

Al-Raneem Company for Cleaning and Hospitality Services specializes in managing environmentally harmful waste, which poses a threat to human health and the environment, and includes all necessary and required activities and operations to manage waste from its source and work to get rid of it permanently, from collection, transportation and also treatment, in accordance with a regulatory and legal framework.




Best Waste Transport and Disposal Company Al Raneem

Al Raneem Company, the best waste transport company in Amman, collects commercial waste and collects garbage, as well as collecting residential waste. It also treats hazardous waste such as medical waste for hospitals. Al Raneem Cleaning Services collects, packages, sterilizes and transports these wastes.

The company has a trained and qualified team to provide this service professionally. It is an integrated team that provides services related to waste, such as sweeping, collecting and transporting garbage.

Our company’s prices are unbeatable, just dear customer, contact the company and save your time, effort and money.


The work of Al-Raneem Company for Waste Transportation and Disposal Services


Al Raneem Company provides services for transporting and disposing of waste and hazardous waste in a safe and sound manner.
The company is keen to collect and transport hazardous solid waste and work to dispose of it safely and thoughtfully or re-manage it.
Al Raneem collects, transports and safely recycles or disposes of hazardous liquid waste.
Medical waste collection is one of the most important services provided by Al Raneem Company in Amman, as it collects, transports and disposes of hazardous medical waste.
Collecting waste batteries, tires and car components.


Al-Raneem Company services for the transportation and safe disposal of hazardous waste

Al-Raneem Cleaning Services Company, has obtained a special approval, issued by the Ministry of Environment, and its most prominent services are the transportation of waste and the disposal of hazardous waste.

It also transports mud pieces and collects and transports all hazardous industrial areas waste, of all kinds, solid, liquid, medical, oils and lubricants.



Waste transportation and disposal at Al Raneem Company in Amman

Al-Raneem Company is considered one of the leading companies in the field of waste transportation and disposal, as well as transporting hazardous waste such as hospital and laboratory waste, of all types, solid and liquid. In the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and among the services provided by Al Raneem Company:

It performs all maintenance, cleaning and safe disposal of hazardous waste.
Collect and transport hazardous waste and solid waste, and dispose of them, safely and soundly, or recycle them.
Collection and transportation of hazardous medical waste.
Collecting waste batteries, tires, and everything related to cars.


Al-Raneem Company for Waste Transfer and Disposal Services is the best company in this field, because it has a professional team that provides services of the highest quality and with international specifications.

The company is keen to gain the trust of its customers, so it offers them services at unbeatable prices.

The company offers its services with the mentality of plan, act, make sure, act, taking into account environmental factors in any decision you take during the development process.

Hurry up and contact Al-Raneem on the phone numbers available on the company’s website, or by sending messages to the e-mail. Your happiness, dear customer, is our goal and your comfort is our goal.

Al Raneem offers many services, in addition to waste transportation and disposal services, such as deep household cleaning, professional disinfection and sterilization, hospitality services and others.