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The best hospitality services from Al Raneem Company in Amman

Hospitality services, provided to you by Al Raneem Cleaning Services Company in Amman, by the most skilled hosts and hostesses, managed by supervisors specialized in the field of hospitality.
The Al Raneem team is distinguished by its ability to provide services in an atmosphere of luxury and elegance.
Our company’s team also believes that this service is not like any other service, so the company has taken it upon itself to always be distinguished in order to gain the trust and satisfaction of our customers.
In addition, we provide services related to the tourism and hotel sector, such as restaurants, hotels, cafes, hospitals, commercial complexes and government departments.

Features of hospitality services at Al-Raneem Company
Al Raneem Cleaning Services Company works to provide all hospitality services to its customers, through a huge professional team that includes buffet workers who have been trained to deal with all types of major companies and government institutions, and the team also includes workers trained in 5-star hotel business.
The company also contracted with major food companies, in order to provide hot and cold drinks.

What do the hospitality services in Al-Raneem include?

Dear customer, we are pleased that Al Raneem Cleaning Services Company provides you with the following hospitality services:
● Providing first-class lunch and dinner meals.
● Al Raneem provides first class morning breakfast.
● Providing meals and sweets for all corporate events and meetings, and one of the most important advantages of the company is that it provides specialized cadres in the field of nutrition.
● It provides perfect hospitality services for diplomatic guests.
● Al-Raneem is keen to provide comprehensive equipment for hospitality services, to meet the needs of different clients’ occasions.
● Dear customer, we are pleased to offer you all your hospitality services, whether birthdays or special occasions and others.
● Our company provides food and beverage services at the highest level, through qualified, trained and distinguished staff, to provide elegant and luxurious services worthy of the level of our valued customers.

External hospitality services from Al-Raneem Company
Al-Raneem Hospitality Services is keen to provide a unique and unforgettable experience and unique and creative solutions for your services.
Where our company works to provide external hospitality services that suit all occasions, whether it is a special family gathering in the garden of your home, or a special event for your business or a new baby reception.
Al Raneem also has a large variety of luxury menus that are distinguished by its diversity, whether the event is small or large, Al Raneem caters to all the needs of these events and occasions.

New born reception
Al-Raneem Hospitality Services Company provides hospitality menus for the reception of the newborn, whether in hospitals or homes, with options that can change colors according to the gender of the newborn, such as citrus and sweets.

Other services provided by Al-Raneem Company
Al Raneem is considered the best company for hospitality, cleaning and landscaping services, as it provides high quality cleaning services at reasonable prices that suit all segments of Jordanian society.
Al Raneem has a good reputation among other cleaning service companies for creating effective cleaning solutions and providing high quality landscaping services.
The company also offers a deep and daily domestic cleaning service at unbeatable prices.
In addition, Al-Raneem is the best cleaning and sterilization company for homes, offices, villas, restaurants and hotels, because it has a specialized team that performs comprehensive professional cleaning and sterilization operations for surfaces, walls, all floors and corners, and every place where bacteria, germs and viruses can be found.
Finally, dear customer, at Al-Raneem Hospitality Services, we are pleased to win your trust and satisfaction, because we always strive to be the first company in the field of providing cleaning, hospitality and many other services.
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