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7 home tricks from Al Raneem professional cleaning services company in Amman

7 household tricks, brought to you by Al Raneem Cleaning Services,
These special tricks save you dear reader time, money or thought.
Al Raneem is a home cleaning company that is professional in everything, related to the arrangement and cleanliness of your home or office.

Al-Raneem company tips for professional cleaning services

sponge washing
Al Raneem Company, offers you, dear reader, a solution to washing the sponges that are used to wash dishes, as they become full of germs and bacteria with time, and it may take a long time to clean them in the washing machine, so put them after wetting them in the microwave for 30 seconds, and leave them for a minute until they cool because they will be hot.

Clean ventilation holes or blinds
Certainly, you do not have the same equipment that Al Raneem professional cleaning services company uses in Amman, and you do not have a vacuum cleaner to clean the curtains, do not worry dear reader.
Use a rag and wet it with water, and wrap it around a small knife or butter knife, to clean air vents or blinds. This method is easy and you won’t need new equipment.

Remove water stains and soap residue
Al Raneem Cleaning Services offers you a quick solution to solve the problem of water spots and soap residue.
Use vinegar to remove stains around taps by mixing vinegar and dish soap in equal parts to get rid of hard-to-remove soap residue.
Al Raneem Home Cleaning Company in Oman does not use detergents to remove old water stains, because they are not always effective, so leave the vinegar mixture a little over the water stains, and then rub it with a toothbrush or sponge.

Grease stain removal
Here is a quick and easy solution to remove grease and grease stains from Al-Raneem Company for specialized professional cleaning services. It is a quick and easy solution, where you can now remove grease stains from carpets, fabrics or furniture in an easy way.
Just mix the salt with the red alcohol so that you mix one tablespoon of salt with four tablespoons of alcohol, then rub it and let it dry, and then vacuum the remnants of the salt.
If you have a tough spot, ask Al Raneem cleaning services, because they have a bunch of quick tricks to remove all kinds of stains.

Collect small pieces of glass
When the glass breaks and scattered all over the ground, dear reader, you will find it difficult to collect the scattered pieces, you see the big pieces but the small pieces you can’t see,
So here’s a quick solution, from the best house cleaning company in Amman, bring a piece of soft bread, and use it to pick up the scattered glass without hurting yourself or making an effort to collect it with a mop or broom.

Steam cleaning microwave
● Al Raneem Professional Cleaning Services offers a quick solution to cleaning microwaves.
● Put equal amounts of water and vinegar with a toothpick in a cup, and heat the water until it boils.
● Open the microwave door carefully to release steam.
● Now wipe the interior of the microwave easily, because the steam helps to dissolve stuck food, and you don’t need to use harsh chemical cleaners, which are harmful to your health.

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Al Raneem Cleaning Services is a professional company that offers you, dear customer, many services, including:
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● Apartment cleaning company
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● Comprehensive cleaning company

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